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Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task, it's a gamble, and in fact it can be the biggest risk anyone can make. There are two avenues which the endeavor can end up; failure or success. Jaime Raskansky considered a pioneer of the Gold industry in the city of Houston TX, is the Owner and CEO of Gold and Silver Traders (GST) which sells, analyzes and processes several precious metals. Raskansky placed his bet in 1982 and continues to reap many benefits from his successful venture.

Always a hard and dedicated worker Raskansky was working full time as a manager at a popular Mexican restaurant when he decided it was time to take the first step in becoming his own boss. Unlike most people who want to own their own business Raskansky did not look to a business that he knew well but went further and chose to pursue something that had always fascinated him; precious metals. Raskansky knew that this was not going to be simple but his driven personality would not let him give up as he researched metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iridium, ruthenium and rhodium.

Not only did Raskansky educate himself on the different types of metals and their worth, but he studied the business of the metal market. He made countless calls to several refiners and similar companies inquiring the overall information about metal trading, processing, pricing and using his own funds; Raskansky purchased a kit that would assist him in verifying if a piece was gold or silver, which would prove to be very resourceful. Within a short amount of time Raskansky was able to identify and analyze the purity and quantity of a given metal and was able to quote the worth of the product.

Educated in the Metal Market as well as the technical aspect of the business Raskansky sought out to set up shop and take his dream to the next level. He was able to rent a humble property in Houston where his business could flourish. A proud but wise man Raskansky did not turn away assistance from co-workers and friends who loaned him funds and machinery to launch his business. Raskansky even re-claimed a sign from a failed business and placed it outside of his own business. Raskansky was new to the metal market and was aware of the challenges but knew the rewards would be vast. He considered his advantages of being the sole proprietor; having the ability in making crucial decisions, whether right or wrong without having the burden of consulting with co-owners or partners. His intelligence also allowed him to recognize that his advantage could also be hinderous as he would not have the ability to evaluate other ways of evolving his business or receiving input from a different perspective.

Raskansky's endeavor proved to be successful in the initial years of opening, even under the Ronald Reagan Administration where small businesses were faltering and going under; GST was standing strong as Raskansky invested in newer and more efficient machinery that would even further his company and earn it a first string player position in the local market. Raskansky investments made him a top dog locally as his techniques in letting the customer with proper training and supervision use the machinery to melt the metal and analyze it themselves. This not only gave the customer peace of mind on the appraisal of the metal they provided but also raised Raskansky locally for his ability to make the customer feel valued.

Raskansky relies on his reputation and references to fuel the continued success of his company and claims that the encompassment of integrity, having the capital to purchase large amounts of metal and simply being there primarily for the customer attributes to GST's key success. Raskansky chooses dedicated employees who exhibit professionalism and mirror his ability to value the customer as much as the precious metal they present and strongly believes that this has an enormous impact on the level of success of GST or any company.

Raskansky describes the biggest reward of owning and running his own business is that his customer base and clientele has remained loyal and satisfied with the services GST provides. Advertisement of GST and its quality of customer service is not necessary as the word of mouth by customers has engulfed local and national gold dealers, pawn shop owners, jewelers, jewelry shop owners, watch makers, coin collectors, and has reached several international companies attention.

Raskansky was recently approached by another businessman interested in purchasing GST. The man made him a very generous offer for the business that Raskansky had cultivated and nurtured for over 30 years. This put Raskansky at a crossroad proving to be probably the most difficult dilemma since deciding to start his business. If he took the man's offer he could sell the business and retire, or invest more in equipment and continue the expansion of his business. He chose the latter of the two options and purchased more machinery. He now has the ability to help multiple customers by using the equipment he purchased.

When asked what he would do if he could go back and do it all over again Raskansky stated that he would have invested what he had into the the most supreme machinery that was available as well as even market the business and duplicate the success to other cities. He also said that by having a more definite business plan of operation and keeping his goals realistic GST might be even more well off than they are now.

Jaime Raskansky followed his dream as well as he taught himself in the Metal market and has become a respected member of the metal as well as business community in Houston. He has been invited to Africa, South America and Australia to provide expertise and help set up companies to mirror the same concept that his multiple offices use. The process in which he operates has been perfected over the years and has been copied over and over again, yet Raskansky challenges him and the market and pushes forward with new ideas of cultivation of precious metals and never forgets the humble beginnings that have brought GST and himself to where they are and where they will go.

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