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Q:  What types of refining material do you process?


A:  We accept everything from low-grade sweeps to high grade dore.  If you have a material containing precious metals that is not on this list, please call our customer service department at (713) 520-5111 to determine if it is something that can be specially processed.


  • Coins of any purity
  • Bullion or grain of any purity
  • Mining dore
  • Scrap jewelry (of any Karat)
  • Broken / damaged jewelry or coins
  • Dental gold
  • Miscellaneous gold fabrications (wire, leaf)


  • Coins of any purity
  • Bullion or grain of any purity
  • Jewelry scrap of any purity
  • Sterling flatware (forks, spoons, knife handles)
  • Sterling dinnerware (pots, bowls, servers)
  • Sterling candlestick holders, candleabras
  • Mining / manufacturing materials

Low Grade / PGMs

  • Polishings / floor sweeps
  • Filings
  • Powders
  • Slags / sludges
  • Platinum coins / bullion / grain
  • Palladium coins / bullion / grain
  • Dental materials
  • Platinum wire

Q:  What types of analysis do you offer?

A:  We perform a range of analytic and appraisal services depending on your needs and material quality.  Our expert staff has years of assay experience in everything from traditional fire assay techniques to modern x-ray floresence.

We pride ourselves in the pinpoint accuracy and rapid turnaround time of our analysis.

Our team will appraise almsost any material (low to high grade) and even evaluate diamonds and watches.

Q:  What terms do you typically pay out?

A:  Depending on your material quality, quantity, and frequency of business, we pay gold melt/assay metal accountabilities in the 96% - 99.2% range and silver melt/assay metal accountabilities in the 80% - 92% range.

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